Hello, we’re Pod ’em Up!.. a podcast!.. A gaming one!

Are we the first ever gaming podcast?.. YES!.. well, no.. no we’re not actually.

..Probably more like the 4,257th gaming podcast actually, if we’re being honest. Yeah, we know, it’s a big category.. But look, you’ve found us! Let’s see if we can hold your attention long enough to give us a listen..

We’re Tibbs and Ollie, two school friends now in their thirties and based in the UK. We love retro, indie and quirky games and we love talking about them. Every month we release a new 1-2 hour podcast about the games we’re playing and the gaming news that has caught our eye.

Our main focus, though, is the monthly “book club”. We take turns to pick a featured game that we both go and play and then come back and discuss it on the show. It can be a childhood favourite that we want to share, a new indie game that looks promising, a hidden gem that needs more love, or a critically acclaimed retro classic that passed us by.

We’re passionate, but pretty laid back too, so if it’s not your thing to listen to people shouting profanities at each other about what game is best, then we might just be the alternative you’re looking for. We don’t do bad language either, so you’re welcome to pop us on in the background while the kids are nearby.

We would love for you to pick an episode that takes your fancy and give us a try. If you take a liking to us, please please send us an email or leave a comment anywhere here on the site, as we’d love to hear what you have to say. All feedback appreciated, let us know if you want more or less of anything, and definitely do so if you have any specific suggestions for the book club!

You should be able to find us on all the usual podcast outlets (let us know if you can’t), we’re also on Youtube and we’re usually at our most active on Twitter (@PodEmUp)

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