Some rescheduling…

Hi all, Ollie here. Just a quick post to say that this month we most likely won’t be putting out the episode that we have advertised. All being well you’ll still get an episode 17 this month and an episode 18 next month, but the content will change a bit.

By now we should have recorded ep 17 which features Driver: San Francisco as its book club pick, and it would have been a fairly standard episode. Due however to separate family issues for both myself and Tibbs, we have been as yet unable to produce the episode that we were hoping for. We are instead hoping to shift this content to episode 18 which will appear, as scheduled, in November.

So what of episode 17? Well, it’ll be a solo venture for myself only, but without two of us talking to each other, it’s obviously not going to be quite the same thing. So as a little one-off I’ll be turning it into a music episode, in which I play you some of my favourite pieces of game music based on a theme, with a bit of commentary in between them. The theme will be Mega Drive music, so I’ll be playing some of my all time favourites from one of my favourite consoles. There will also be some great pieces I’ve discovered in the last few years from games I haven’t even necessarily played. I’ve far from heard everything the great machine has to offer though so if you have any requests, particularly lesser known pieces that you think are great, let me know on Twitter, email or in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

Look out for it probably towards the end of the month, although as I said we both happen to be going through some family turmoil right now. We’ll try and keep our momentum going though and not let it affect the show too much, but it is something to bear in mind.

See you soon!