Episode 16 – Incoming Indies

Another episode, another batch of promising indie games to draw your attention to! In episode 16, we talked about…

Robot Champions – We both spotted this, but Tibbs officially claimed it first (I saw it first, but you know, I let him have it. I’m nice like that). If you like Robot Wars, you’ll love this, because it’s basically Robot Wars, in video game form. And it’ll be way better than those not-that-good official Robot Wars games they released about 15-20 years ago.

A demo is available to play on Steam, where you can get a little taster yourself. At the moment you can only pick from a handful of pre-made robots, but they handle great, and weapons deal satisfying amounts of damage. Controls are responsive and easier to master than I’d imagine real robots are. Once you start winning a match or two it really becomes quite addictive, and the sense of tension it creates as it counts down to sudden death, and the arena becomes ever more deadly is great fun.

Here’s the thing, this game needs your help. There’s a Kickstarter, with (at time of writing) only 6 days to go, and it’s looking touch and go to be honest. So if this sounds like your bag, we’d recommend giving these guys a little help. It’ll only cost £12 to net you a digital copy of the game.


In contrast, this month I went with some lovely 2D animated platforming with Guinea Pig Parkour – a game in which a guinea pig does some parkour. If that wasn’t reason enough to take interest, you should see this thing in motion, the hand drawn animation is hands down some of the best I’ve ever seen in a game of this nature.

The titular guinea pig jumps and leaps from wall to wall with some incredible bouncy fluidity. Not only that, the level design looks gorgeous, particularly “90’s world”.

If you want to give the developer money, you can via his Patreon page, below, but there is also a Kickstarter campaign coming soon too, which we will keep you informed of as soon as we see it!


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