Episode delays

Hi all,

We’re aware we’ve been a little quiet since the last episode. Having missed December, we can’t promise anything for January either I’m afraid. We’re not giving up just yet, it’s just unfortunate timing in that both Tibbs and I have had to deal with our own separate, and difficult real life problems over the past couple of months, so this has made getting together to record rather problematic.

We don’t really have a time scale in mind for episode 19 as yet, but will let you know here and on Twitter when we do. It should be a good’un though as we’re book-clubbing (bet you didn’t know that was a verb) two games for the price of one in the form of Rise of the Robots and Overblood. We’ve also got our 2019 Pod ’em Up awards to hand out too! Stay with us, we’ll have some fun 🙂